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Hazel Gordon Counselling Testimonials

"Hazel is professional, understanding and her approach encourages openness and helps develop trust easily. I consider that through Hazel’s counselling service I have grown in many ways. Mentally and emotionally, I am much more healthy as a result."

"The whole process was new and nerve-wrecking to begin with but the skills and attitude of Hazel were exactly what I needed. It genuinely has changed my life – thanks."

"The counselling service was excellent and advice fantastic. It was so good talking to someone who really knew what they were talking about and someone who encouraged you to think outside the box and experience different emotions."

"I feel excellent progress has been made in my relationship and wish I had considered the counselling earlier. Although difficult and painful at times, having a neutral and honest assessment of our needs was extremely beneficial."

"This is an excellent service in which we have developed and learned from as well as growing closer together.  We would use the service again if the need arises but we are finding it so much easier to sort issues out now and hopefully we can sustain putting what we have learned into practice. Thanks again for all your support, time etc."




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